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I am new to latex but decided to write my thesis with it. However, I think the standard layout of latex is not super fancy meaning the chapter headings etc. As latex became incredible big nowadays I thought there must be loads of templates one can use which change the style of headings, spacing, colours etc.

However, when I started googling for "latex templates" or "latex chapter styles" and other combinations I hardly did not find a lot of templates at all and the one I found aren't very fancy :D

The 3 I found that look most promising to me are:


PDF with many examples

The fncychap package

Nevertheless, I was wondering if anybody of you knows some more templates I could have a look at or other webpages which provide such templates?


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Look at these options.


Recall, you will also want to use custom pages like A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2 for anything in an appendix chapter A, and B.... You will also need commands for adding the custom chapter to the table of contents. Thus, at the beginning of a thesis appendix chapter, use the commands:

\chapter*{Appendix A - Symbols and Notation\markboth{Appendix - Symbols and Notation}{}}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\protect\numberline{}{Appendix - Symbols and Notation}}

{Greek Symbols}
\hspace{.5in} \= \\ $\alpha$ \> Alpha \\
                     $\beta$ \> Beta \\

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