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Badbox from PGF layer using fit

This peace of code is compiled with 'Underfull \hbox (badness 1484) in paragraph at lines 23--23' message. Line 23 is \node[draw, inner sep = 10pt, fit=(MUL1) (MUL2)] {};. How can I get rid of underfull box?





  \node[draw]                  (MUL1) {MUL1};
  \node[draw, right = of MUL1] (MUL2) {MUL2};

  \node[left =  of MUL1] (A) {A};
  \node[right = of MUL2] (B) {B};

  \draw[->] (A)    -- (MUL1);
  \draw[->] (MUL1) -- (MUL2);
  \draw[->] (MUL2) -- (B);

    \node[draw, inner sep = 10pt, fit=(MUL1) (MUL2)] {};


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It has something to do with the empty node.


 \node[draw, inner sep = 10pt, fit=(MUL1) (MUL2)] {\hspace*{\fill}~};

instead will get rid of the underfull error. Seems there's got to be a better way to achieve your effect.


There is a bug in the fit library of TikZ/pgf (v2.10). With the latest CVS version of TikZ/pgf (cf. my answer to How to install a current version of TikZ?), your MWE compiles without error or warning.

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