I want to do something like this


i.e., center the marginnote. The problem seems to be that the width is defined to be that of \textwidth, so that the \stretch command assumes a margin width far larger than the actual 106pt. How can I redefine the width for \stretch?

  • assumes the marginnote package - i guess however it goes the same for \marginpar{}. – Milo Wielondek Jan 8 '11 at 21:17
  • Without a minimal compilable example it's hard to test if it works, but I'd try and replace \hspace{\stretch{1}} with \hss (TeX command for horizontal stretch and shrink). – Hendrik Vogt Jan 8 '11 at 21:27

Why not simply use \raggedrightmarginnote and \raggedleftmarginnote? See p. 3 of the marginnote documentation for details.


% \renewcommand*{\raggedleftmarginnote}{\centering}% for margin notes at the left margin



Some text.\marginnote{Some text inside a marginnote.} \blindtext


I found a solution:


with other words, you make a box with the correct margin width and the content will then center automatically.

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