I am using an iPad app TeX Writer and would like to draw a commutative diagram. I can use amscd in the app but it is not sufficient for the diagrams I want to draw.

To include new package, I need to prepare a folder texmf-local in which I create a folder TeXinput and Zip it. TeXinput is a flat directory, no sub directories allowed. It holds everything except for font files. (Full details here)

I tried to add xy package but it did not work for me. I'm not sure if I prepared right.

Could you tell me how to prepare the flat directory file so that I can add some diagram packages? Like, which files I should include in the folder TeXinput.

It is ok if the package is not xy but any other package is acceptable if I can draw commutative diagrams with diagonal lines etc.

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    A good package in my opinion is tikz-cd. But I don't know how to install it on the iPad. – Manuel Dec 4 '12 at 0:29

Here is a work a round for the xy package that worked for me if you use DropBox with TeX Writer.

  1. Make sure the option sync texmf-local is set to on. Create the folder hierarchy in TeX Writer.

    • texmf-local

      • TeXfonts

      • TeXinput

      • TrueType

  2. From a computer linked with your dropbox account UnZip the xypic package which can be obtained from CTAN.

  3. Copy the files from the UnZip folder texinputs into your DropBox folder TeXinput. Similarly Copy the files from the UnZip folder texFonts into your DropBox folder TeXfonts.

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