\section*{\textcolor{blue}{Ukaaranta }}
    \subsection*{Shabhu Harivat}
    \addcontentsline{toc}{subsection}{shambhu harivat} 
    \section*{\textcolor{blue}{Krostru Shabda}}

I have a need to create something like this, however when I run this program, it gives error at the second \end{center}.

Funny but the same command works above. I did not do anything different, just copy pasted and changed the text. Similar commands elsewhere in the document work just fine. I have no clue why it's behaving like this.

Hit ? and R - enter and it gives the desired output but it's a pain to do that every time.


If you want to centre your titles and make them blue, then redefine the title format using a package like titlesec. If all your sections and subsections are going to be unnumbered, redefine them that way, also with titlesec. If you don't want numbers in your table of contents, set the secnumdepth to 0. Here's an example:

    \subsection{Shabhu Harivat}
    \section{Krostru Shabda}

(You can adjust the vertical spacing of the titles also with titlesec using the \titlespacing command.)

example output


\begin{center} ... \end{center} creates a list with centered items. It should not be used for headings.

\centering works here, because you use \section* which doesn't process the argument for TOC or page headers. Your code could be changed to:

\section*{\centering\textcolor{blue}{Ukaaranta }}
\subsection*{Shabhu Harivat}
\addcontentsline{toc}{subsection}{shambhu harivat} 
\section*{\centering\textcolor{blue}{Krostru Shabda}}

For a consistent document you should create macros for the style, such as

\section*{\sectionformat Ukaaranta}

This way you could change the style of the whole document at just one place.

For more possibilities have a look at the titlesec package which provides many features for customizing style and spacing of headings.

  • Instead of "\section*{\centering\textcolor{blue}{Ukaaranta }}", can we use – Groups Nov 17 '15 at 12:02

You can use something like this,

   \section{Your title here} \label{sec 1}
  • 2
    This works, but redifining the style globally is better. – Andrew Swann Apr 25 at 7:20

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