Is there any way that allows me to have my PDF preview on a different monitor? I know that you can have Adobe open your PDF automatically instead of the built in previewer, but when I use this I always have to close the PDF before I can recompile.

I work on Windows 7, 64bit and use Texmaker


While Adobe Reader has a beautiful rendering, you might prefer a different PDF viewer for previewing. If you have a PDF viewer in a separate window, that reloads the PDF without closing and reopening, it is easy. You can just drag it to the other monitor once and it will stay there while refreshing. I use SumatraPDF, which supports this kind of silent refresh. It also doesn't lock the PDF file and offers the possibility to jump back to the right place in source code by clicking in the PDF (SyncTeX, cf. ). I used Texmaker and its forks this way under Windows. You can refresh the pdf manually with r or let your GUI refresh it via command line as soon as the compilation of the PDF to review has finished.

Additionally to SumatraPDF as an external PDF viewer, which can be called from any GUI, there is at least one fork of Texmaker that offers a PDF preview window without external tools, with all the possibilities I mentioned above. Maybe it's TeXstudio.

Maybe you have to deal with the focus of SumatraPDF and decide if it should stay at your TeX GUI window or change to the external PDF viewer window.

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  • The mentionned fork of texmaker that has an integrated previewer with automatic document reload is indeed texstudio. This feature is one of the reasons that made it my favourite TeX editor, as one does not have to fiddle around with weird command line options and stuff but it works just out of the box. – Benedikt Bauer Dec 4 '12 at 14:46
  • Won't it work with evince too? Is sumatrapdf really necessary? – Tejas Shetty Feb 20 at 4:50

With newer versions of Texmaker (>4.5) the built-in viewer can be detached and moved to another screen. Via Options -> Configure Texmaker just untick the Embed (marked in image) in the "Pdf Viewer" section.

enter image description here

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I don't know about Texmaker, but on Windows, you can achieve this with SublimeText2 as an editor, associated with its plugin LaTeXTools and SumatraPDF as a viewer.

You can keep the viewer window opened (on any monitor) and it will be updated each time a new compilation succeeds. You will be able to do forward and inverse search.

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    Is the editor really relevant? – T. Verron Dec 4 '12 at 14:19
  • The editor is relevant as soon as it brings its own pdf viewer. As the the question asks about "...the built in previewer", it obviously is important what editor the OP uses. – Benedikt Bauer Dec 4 '12 at 14:23
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    Is it perhaps possible to use SumatraPDF to preview my documents in Texmaker? – R2D2 Dec 4 '12 at 14:29
  • Why Sumatrapdf? Can't one use evince? – Tejas Shetty Feb 20 at 6:22
  • Does this work with sublime text 3? – Tejas Shetty Feb 20 at 6:22

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