To force reference titles to a sentence case I use the following line in my .bbx style file:


But this also causes the journal name to be written in sentence case, which is unwanted.
Why is that and how can I circumvent that?

A minimal example:



  author = {Doe, J. and Dane, D., and Dewy, R.},
  year = {2000},
  title = {This and That},
  journal = {Journal of Deep Understanding of Things},

  author = {Doe, J. and Dewy, D., and Dane, R.},
  year = {2000},
  title = {The Other},
  journal = {Journal of deep understanding of things},

    maxcitenames = 2, 
    mincitenames = 1, 
    firstinits = true,
    terseinits = false,


Some text and a ref \citep{ref1}.
Then another ref with same first author and year \citep{ref2}





instead of:

enter image description here


The original definition of the bibmacro used to print the journal information is


Thus the instruction \DeclareFieldFormat[article]{titlecase}{\MakeSentenceCase*{#1}} impact the journal title as well. The solution is to modify the definition of the journal bib macro


where we can define a myplain field format that just produce an unformatted value.


enter image description here

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    A directive identical to myplain comes predefined in biblatex.def - it's called noformat. – Audrey Dec 8 '12 at 16:34

If you are trying to get the IEEE style you may want to use the following settings (details):

bibstyle=ieee,% IEEE citation style
citestyle=numeric-comp,% citing multiple papers will produce format similar to [2,4-8,12] instead of [2,4,5,6,7,8,12] (optional) 
maxnames=100,% show up to 100 authors per author in the bibliography (optional)
isbn=false,url=false,doi=false% remove extra info (optional)
] {biblatex}

It will produce the intended results but it might modify other things too.

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