I have a list of 50 addresses for letters I have to send, and in LaTeX I am trying to create labels to stick on envelopes. I have a clear A4 sheet for printing (e.g. 10x2 fields) something similar as in the figure below, so I also have to take care of the geometry.

Example of address label paper

I don't need to generate bar codes like for the US Postal Service, and similar standards... I had seen the envlab package but it doesn't seem to fulfil my needs.

Any suggestions?


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I know the following may not be the best, but why not:

enter image description here


% This command just serves for the single repeated label. Of course these will not 
% be the same but will yield the result.
\foreach \x in {1,...,#1}%

% Sample address 
Janine Lee\par
641 Caslon Place\par
Hollywood, CA 9015B

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