By default the link color of references created with \in or \at is red.

How can this color be globally changed, so that all links have the same color (e.g. blue)?

     style=,  % make font non-bold


\placefigure[here][fig:foo]{A figure}{

Red color: \in{Figure}[fig:foo] \at{page}[fig:foo].  % How to make this blue, too?

Blue color: \goto{Link}[url(http://tex.stackexchange.com/)]


ConTeXt distinguishes between references to the same page and to references which destination is on other pages. References which destination is on the same page don't obey the color setting. Instead the colour is controlled by a key called contrastcolor, which is red by default.

To change all links to blue set color as well as contrastcolor:


See ConTeXt wiki - setupinteraction

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