It's a never-ending story I have to tell. I want to make some code annotations. Finally, I got my macro, but now...

The tikz drawings in listings break in certain circumstances (near page break):


                \node[shape=circle,draw,inner sep=2pt] (char) {#1};}}
    \newcommand{\tikzmark}[1]{\tikz[overlay,remember picture] \node (#1) {};}
    \begin{tikzpicture}[overlay, remember picture]
    \coordinate (x) at (#2,0);
    \coordinate (a) at ($(x)!(#1.north)!($(x)+(0,1)$)$);
    \coordinate (b) at ($(a)+(0.8,0)$);
    \coordinate (c) at ($(b)+(0,#3)$);
    \draw [open triangle 45-] (a) -- (b) -- (c);
    \node[#5] at (c) {\bf\sffamily\smaller#4};



    \begin{lstlisting}[escapechar=+, caption=Muh, label=lst:oop, language=c]
    .. Core members+\tikzmark{core0}+
    .. Log stream+\tikzmark{log0}+
    .. +\color{black}{Lock object}\tikzmark{lock0}+

    public void Method (object[] args)
      .. Check arguments+\tikzmark{valid}+
      .. Ensure authorization+\tikzmark{auth}+
      .. Lock +\color{black}{object for}+ thread safety+\tikzmark{lock1}+
      .. Start transaction+\tikzmark{trans1}+
      .. Log start of operation+\tikzmark{log1}+
      .. Perform core operation+\tikzmark{core1}+
      .. Log completion of operation+\tikzmark{log2}+
      .. Commit or rollback transaction+\tikzmark{trans2}+
      .. Unlock +\color{black}{object}\tikzmark{lock2}+




    \AddNote{trans1}{10.2}{-1}{Transaction}{above left}%



Well, there was also a problem with using \baselinestretch and \onehalfspacing outside the listing (it blow up the caption background).

Here is what I came up with: Put the listing in a figure and use \onehalfspacing in the listing definition, like:


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