I'd like to experiment with making custom macros to see if I can find a way to structure things to efficiently take notes in class starting in January... as it is right now, there's a lot of typing to do repetitive things.

Is there a way I can define a \newcommand{} macro to do something like this?

\l{x}{\infty}f(x) would translate to \lim_{x\to\infty}f(x)? I'd like to be able to just type as little as possible, and have the \rightarrow be automatically put into the typesetted document.

  • Personally, I think this shouldn't be written with a command. Related to what I wrote here. I would go for a snippet application which let you write \lim_{ \to } easily. – Manuel Dec 11 '12 at 20:02
\renewcommand\l[2]{\lim_{#1 \to #2}}

would seem to do what you ask?

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