I am using natbib and agsm for harvard style referencing. My related code is


Then I am using \citep{} for citations. My problem is that in text I am getting (Author 2012) but I want (Author, 2012) for multiple authors it is (Author1 2012, Author2 2010) and I want (Author1, 2012; Author2, 2010).

Any Ideas how to do that?

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With natbib many aspects can be easily configured: you need to set citesep (separation between two citations in the same place) and aysep (separation between author and year in a citation):


\setcitestyle{citesep={;}, aysep={,}}




enter image description here

(I used one of N. Beebe's databases.)


I think the following will do what you want:


based on this reference sheet

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