I want to draw a TikZ matrix with its border and I would like to define the distance between most external matrix nodes and matrix border. Something like a matrix inner sep. If I change inner sep in matrix options declaration, all nodes inside the matrix also change its inner separation.

I know how to do it with fit library. I just want to know if its possible without it.


The inner sep for the matrix can be set and then nodes={inner sep=...} can be reset individually for the inner nodes.

\matrix[draw,matrix of nodes,inner sep=2mm,nodes={draw,inner sep=5mm}](a){

\draw[->,thick](a-1-1.base) -| ++(2cm,-5mm) node [right] {5mm};
\draw[->,thick](a.north)    -| ++(2cm,-2mm) node [right] {2mm};

enter image description here

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