Is there any package for LaTeX dealing with a database (with some of the fields being LaTeX code). For example, given a collection of problems with fields {id, name, author, refs, statement, solution, difficulty, keywords...} the package should allow to build a latex document from the data filtering by any of the fields (obtaining, for example, a list of the "easy" algebra problems with authors but without solutions). Another possible application is a multilingual CV being the fields the CV entries and the rows the data in the corresponding language.

I managed to simulate this scheme using .bib files to store the data, but as some drawbacks appeared (relative to the code interpretation) I just wonder if there is something specifically designed for this situations.


Excerpt from comments below question:

If you really want a database then this question is relevant: Reading data from a relational database into a LaTeX table. If your needs are more modest, then pgfplotstable or datatool? might be more relevant. See also the post in our TeX community blog: LaTeX and template engines, revisited. You can use also textmerg, there is an example in build dynamic documents from a Textdatabase.

Perhaps also some TeX external solutions fit your needs: Template Toolkit (works with all data sources supported by Perl's database interface); R with knitr (create the tables directly in LaTeX format via use of R xtable package, and in conjunction with knitr port data frames and other data objects in R DIRECTLY into a LaTeX document).


You can take a look at datatex. I think that it has the functionality you need.

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