Following the solution given in New line in a Nomenclature

I am using


However, it conflicts with the \nomgroup (see below).

Code example:




% Configure title of groups
\newcommand{\bfdz}[1]{\bf\fontsize{12}{14}\selectfont #1}

% Enable two line label

% Create Groups
\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{A}}{\vspace{5mm} \item[\bfdz General Symbols] \meru{\bfdz General Symbols~~}}{%
\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{G}}{\vspace{5mm} \item[\bfdz Greek Symbols] \meru{\bfdz Greek Symbols~~}}{}}}




\nomenclature[A]{$p(r_m,t)$, $p_m(t)$}{Received signal at the $m^{th}$ microphone\nomrefpage}%{}{}

\nomenclature[G]{$\Delta t_{\vec{x}}$}{Emission time delay at focus point $\vec{x}$, $\Delta t_{\vec{x}}=r_{\vec{x}} / c$\nomrefpage}%{}{}


If you comment the line


you will get correct title, but wrong label size.

Incorrect title screenshot

Does anyone know a way to fix it ?


On www.latex-community.org I made the following suggestion to the very same question:

% arara: pdflatex
% arara: nomencl
% arara: pdflatex


% define a command for the group heading:
% \rlap overlaps to the right => ``break out'' of the labels box
% and set a box over the whole textwidth;
% create the rule with \hrulefill rather than measuring the
% remaining space.
% let's also not use \bf but rather \bfseries (see https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/516/5049)
% and use \large instead of explicitly chhoose the font size:
    \parbox{\textwidth}{\textbf{\large#1 \hrulefill}}%

% Enable two line label
% I added \RaggedRight from the `ragged2e' package here to avoid
% over- and underfull boxes

% Create Groups
% the tests can be done without any additional package
% (they will fail, though, for a group like `aa')
    \item[\grouphead{General Symbols}]
    \item[\grouphead{Greek Symbols}]



Text bla bla


\nomenclature[A]{$p(r_m,t)$, $p_m(t)$}{Received signal at the $m^{th}$

\nomenclature[G]{$\Delta t_{\vec{x}}$}{Emission time delay at focus point
  $\vec{x}$, $\Delta t_{\vec{x}}=r_{\vec{x}} / c$\nomrefpage}


enter image description here

Please note that I chose \bfseries over \bf (see Does it matter if I use \textit or \it, \bfseries or \bf, etc for reasons) and \large over \fontsize{}{}\selectfont.

For a thicker line one could follow David's answer on What is the thickness of \hrulefill and maybe define a corresponding \nomgrouprulefill.

  • Cgnieder, thanks a lot ! Since before I got no answer there I tried here ! – Will Fonseca Dec 19 '12 at 20:33
  • @WillFonseca you're welcome! – clemens Dec 19 '12 at 20:45
  • note: I was getting an error until I changed \smash{\parbox[t]{.15\linewidth}{\RaggedRight#1}}} to \smash{\parbox[t]{.15\linewidth}{\raggedright#1}}} this might be an error with my setup, but might be of interest to others... SpB. – user41760 Nov 26 '13 at 19:39
  • You forgot to load the ragged2e package as in cgneider's answer. The \RaggedRight command much better than \raggedright. – Andrew Swann Nov 26 '13 at 20:29

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