I’m editing an Arabic poem with XePersian and the traditionalpoem environment which works fine so far, but I have some questions regarding the line numbers and the paragraph footnotes.

(1) I would like to have line numbers per page and they should change the side of the margin according to even and uneven pages. Is this somehow possible?

(2) If I add a footnote in a specific line of the page, can I refer to this line by a specific counter? If I have different variant readings, I would like to refer to the line of the page, not to a footnote marker.

(3) Is it possible to reduce the spacing between each footnote in the footnote paragraph?

My minimal example:


%XePersian and Bidipoem
\usepackage[extrafootnotefeatures, Kashida]{xepersian}
\setdigitfont{Charis SIL}
\setlatintextfont{Charis SIL}


%Space between the halfverses

%Don’t show footnote markers

%Decrease space between footnotes in the paragraph

\newcount\LineNumber \newcount\templinenumber
 \newdimen\linenumberskip \linenumberskip=-1em


% In this page, we typeset footnotes from right to left


%%%%%%Verse 1%%%%%%%%%%
قِفَا نَبْكِ مِنْ ذِكْرَى حَبِيبٍ ومَنْزِلِ
بِسِقْطِ اللِّوَى بَيْنَ الدَّخُولِ فَحَوْمَلِ
ذِكْرَى ج : ذكري ب
|| الدخول ج : الذخولي ب.
%%%%%%Verse 2%%%%%%%%%%
فَتُوْضِحَ فَالمِقْراةِ لَمْ يَعْفُ رَسْمُها
لِمَا نَسَجَتْهَا مِنْ جَنُوبٍ وشَمْألِ
جَنُوبٍ  ج : حنوب ب

(1)+(2): This can be done with the eledmac package; no need to reinvent the wheel here. It has clear documentation, so I see no need to rewrite the relevant paragraphs from it; the original documentation will in any case always be more comprehensive.

(3): You can redefine the \footnote command for that purpose thus:


\setstretch is provided by the setspace package.

Good luck ☺!

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  • A small example for (1) and (2) would improve your answer. – egreg Feb 7 '14 at 10:29

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