Currently I'm trying out biblatex but not entirely committed, so I've declared a few aliases in my preamble (which I can comment out if I compile in bibtex):


(I read in another thread that \autocite is better than \parencite to use in place of \citep.)

However, \cite does not add the comma between author(s) and year that \citealp does. Do I have to declare my own command for this or is there another equivalent? I've looked in the biblatex manual (which seems to one of the few comprehensive references at the moment) but have not been able to find the answer to this.

Also, following up with a more subjective question, how close to mainstream is biblatex in the LaTeX community? I find information outside of †he manual very scarce; there is not even a Wikipedia page for biblatex...


To simulate natbib in BibLaTeX you can use the natbib option, e.g., \usepackage[style=authoryear,natbib]{biblatex}, and there is no need to redefine the standard natbib citation commands.

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