I'm extremely new at this. Basically I'm a would-be academic who needs (and therefore wants) to use LaTeX for my professional writing stuffs. This means that the most important thing to me is to be able to get a decent bibliography sorted.

I've been having trouble installing natbib (which I apparently need) so I heard that TeXLive comes with natbib built in. Can anyone tell me whether this is right? And if so, does this mean that it's already set up to use the natbib commands?

Many thanks and sorry if this is embarrassingly basic.


The natbib package has been around for many years on CTAN and has a 'free' license, so like many other such packages is available as part of TeX Live. Many 'academic' bibliography styles are also available for natbib, which is therefore required for submission using some journal/publisher templates. As such, it's widely available and supported.

As is mentioned in comments, the biblatex package offers a more 'complete' approach to bibliographies, and if you have a 'free hand' you should consider using it rather than natbib. However, this will depend on your academic discipline and likely work-flow, which we'd need details of to give a more accurate answer on this part.

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