I am using both footnotes and endnotes in a chapter with the help of the endnotes package.

However, both footnotes and endnotes are numbered by Arabic number.

I would like to keep the Arabic numbers for the footnotes, but I would like to change the mark of the endnotes to Roman numbers, or some other symbols.

  • That works perfectly ! Thank you ! Is there a similar way to convert the endnote marks in dagger, starts, etc. ? Dec 30, 2012 at 9:21
  • \renewcommand\theendnote{\fnsymbol{endnote}} should do. Beware that only a limited set of symbols is provided and too large counter numbers can cause errors.
    – cgnieder
    Dec 30, 2012 at 14:02

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to your document preamble. Also, taking from cgnieder's comment,


should give you a symbol set for the endnotes rather than Roman numerals. There is a limited set though, as can be seen from a subsidiary definition of \@fnsymbol in latex.ltx:

\def\@fnsymbol#1{\ensuremath{\ifcase#1\or *\or \dagger\or \ddagger\or
   \mathsection\or \mathparagraph\or \|\or **\or \dagger\dagger
   \or \ddagger\ddagger \else\@ctrerr\fi}}

So, you'll receive the following output:

  1. * -> *
  2. \dagger -> †
  3. \ddagger -> ‡
  4. \mathsection -> §
  5. \mathparagraph -> ¶
  6. \| -> ||
  7. ** -> **
  8. \dagger\dagger -> ††
  9. \ddagger\ddagger -> ‡‡
  10. Error

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