I'm using biblatex and the following entry in my *.bib file leads to a wrong bibliography entry. If I skip the maintitle, booksubtitle and bookauthor it seems that everything works but unfortunately with less information in the bibliography.

I appreciate any help!

This is the structure of the collection.

It's a multi-volume book (volume = 19).
Collection title is "Der Controller Berater".
Title of the volume is Balanced Scorecard.
Volume subtitle is Best-Practice-Lösungen für die Unternehmenssteuerung.
Title of the work in the volume is Balanced Scorecard im Kontext des modernen Performance Measurement.

author = {Gleich, Ronald and Quitt Anna},
title = {Balanced Scorecard im Kontext des modernen Performance Measurement},
maintitle = {Der Controlling-Berater}
booktitle = {Balanced Scorecard},
booksubtitle = {Best-Practice-Lösungen für die Unternehmenssteuerung}
bookauthor = {Karliiiii}
publisher = {Haufe-Lexware},
year = {2012},
chapter = {},
pages = {},
address = {Freiburg},
editor = {Gleich, Ronald and Klein, Andreas},
volume = {19},
otherinfo = {}


[5] Ronald Gleich und Quitt Anna. „Balanced Scorecard im Kontext des modernen Performance Measurement“. In: Der Controlling-Berater.

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