I am having trouble adding a newlistof to a memoir file. My example follows the memoir answer example very closely, but I get an ugly "List of Comments" -- spacing across the page and returns are wrong.

Minimal TeX example below. As an uncredentialed user, I don't seem to be able to attach an image of the PDF. The appearance I get is a space after the comment number, the comment title, then no space and the comment page number; followed by no CR/LF between the first and second entry.

I want the List of Comments to look much like the List of Figures. Running TexShop.

\documentclass[11pt,letterpaper,openany]{memoir} % for a short document

 % Comment command
\newcommand{\listcommentname}{List of Comments}
\newcommand{\Comment}[1] {
    \par\noindent\textbf{Comment \theComment.  #1.}




\chapter{Introduction \& so on}
\Comment{Silly comment}
Here is a test comment.

\section{Example section}
And here is some text

\centering\mbox{Just text to generate a lof entry.}
\caption{Test figure}


\Comment{Another silly comment}
Here is a second test comment, on a different page.


You have to create a ToC-(LoC-)formatting command \l@Comment that resembles \l@figure. Add the following to your preamble:


Consider also to add the chapter number to the "appearence" of the "Comments" counter:

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  • Thanks! This helped solve my other question tex.stackexchange.com/questions/388489/… But just for explicitly state, the \let\l@Comment\l@figure is referring to the counter named Comment, not the command named Comment. Name both things with the same name was horrible for understanding on the question. – user Aug 27 '17 at 20:52

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