I'd like to be able to reference a nested enumerated list item only by its inner-most identifying character.

    \item \label{mylabel} Referenced point.

The \ref above gives me something like 1a, but I want it to give me a only.


In LaTeX, internal macro \p@enumN\theenumN defines the output of a \ref command. (ref. source2e) The default definitions in standard document classes are (ref. classes):


You can redefine \p@enumii to get what you want:

\makeatletter % for internal macros with @

It seems you are using enumerate package to change the label. However, enumerate doesn't handle the cross references well. I suggest a more modern package enumitem to replace enumerate, which can also ease the problem using key-value syntax. For example:

% \usepackage{enumitem} % in preamble
    \item \label{mylabel} Referenced point.

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