I want to obtain toc and text formatting as shown in MWE.


    \@cftbsnum #1\@cftasnum~\@cftasnumb%



\section{Section 1}
bla bla \ref{app2} bla.

\subsection{Subsection 1}


    \renewcommand{\thesubsection}{Appendix \Alph{subsection}.}




But in section 1, I don't want to get "bla bla Appendix B. bla.", but: "bla bla B bla." (In polish due to declination I can't use header "Appendix B" in text.)

So, to solve my problem I can find how to:

  1. get only number from Appendix.

  2. make header "Appendix X. Description." without using:

 \renewcommand{\thesubsection}{Appendix \Alph{subsection}.}

In both ways I failed.

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