I am asking if there is a command in the pgfplots package that changes the appearance of the grid in terms of kind of the lines. What I mean is how to change the kind of lines. I have read the documentation but I could not find anything on this issue.


As with most of the settings in pgfplots, you can set these things globally in the preamble using \pgfplotsset

For example

  • minor ticks: \pgfplotsset{minor grid style={dashed,red}}
  • major ticks: \pgfplotsset{major grid style={dotted,green!50!black}}
  • both minor and major ticks: \pgfplotsset{grid style={dashed,gray}}

A complete MWE follows



% grid style
\pgfplotsset{grid style={dashed,gray}}
\pgfplotsset{minor grid style={dashed,red}}
\pgfplotsset{major grid style={dotted,green!50!black}}


                             minor xtick={-5,-3,...,5},
        \addplot {x^2};
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