Here is my LaTeX document:










        \fancyfoot[C]{Page \normalsize\thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}
    \renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} % remove line between header and main text



title.tex is title page; ch1, ..., ch4 are chapters content; biblio.tex is bibliography.

On table of contents have page number "1"
But list of figures have page number "Page 1 of xxx"

How to start extended numbering from table of contents.

  • \clearpage before \pagestyle probably (untested as MWE isn't M or W :-) – David Carlisle Jan 13 '13 at 11:57

A \pagenumbering command acts immediately, so if the (last or only) page of the list of figures has not yet ended, the instruction to renew the page counter will hold also for that page.



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