I'd like to make a document that would leave ample room for the reader to fill in answers on the sheet. (nothing fancy and interactive, just whitespace for writing on the printed version)

What packages/classes exist for achieving this? I suppose I could just use massive tables and lots of \bigskips but that seems suboptimal...

Here's an example of the sort of thing I want to achieve, I could add lots of space manually, but that doesn't seem ideal...

    & A & B & C & D & E & F \\ \hline
    Spelling & & & & & & \\ \hline
    Grammar & & & & & & \\ \hline
    Use of literature  & & & & & & \\ \hline
    Strength of Argument  & & & & & & \\ \hline

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The exam package provides \fillwithlines{length} and similar commands. See section 7 of its manual.


Some of those packages listed here in the TeX Catalogue could be useful: Typesetting Exam Scripts, Quizzes, Flashcards, and Questionnaires. The already mentioned exam package is also listed there.

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