In the following documentclass


how to have italic and bold in a subsection title? The italic command removes the boldness when inside a subsection, so I tried the following :

\subsection{Short-range {\bf {\it vs}} long-range scattering}

It does not work. Any idea how to solve this? Maybe the documentclass has nothing to do with it, I did not check it.


This has nothing to do with the documentclass, but with font selection. \it selects non-bold italics, and \bf selects non-italic bold. You should use


instead. See also this question.

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    – lockstep
    Jan 18 '11 at 14:17

Try doing \textit{\textbf{vs}} instead. That should work.


Using \secit{vs} would solve the problem. This is how I worked it out for my subsection when I needed both bold and italic.


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