I've already drawn too many trees with qtree, but I've discovered that I'll need tree-dvips to draw movements, and this package is incompatible with pdf. I saw that it's quite simple to draw syntactic movements with tikz-qtree. Should I switch for another package for drawing syntactic trees, once and for all? Any advice?


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I would definitely make the switch from qtree to tikz-qtree. There's an extra package tikz-qtree-compat which implements some extra features found in the former package. It's included with tikz-qtree itself. You can't however, use the two packages at the same time, since they both define a \Tree command which is not itself wrapped in an environment.

The syntax of the two packages is identical, but with tikz-qtree you won't need any of the manual spacing !\qsetw commands that are sometimes needed with qtree.

You should have minimal problems converting old trees to the new package. If you like linebreaks in node labels (which I use a lot) you should add

\tikzset{every tree node/.style={align=center, anchor=north}}

to your preamble, so that you can do this.

  • I guess I'll make the switch. Thank you very much.
    – Midnighter
    Commented Jan 15, 2013 at 0:09

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