In the pgfplot, I would like to have a line plot from a table which is read from a .csv file. I would like to have a line which is dashed and has a marker.

I put the code like this -

\addplot table[x=N,y=No_Sym][mark=*, red, dashed] {data.dat};

However this does not work. Can anyone tell me the right way to do it.


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    The line styles need to be provided to the \addplot command, not the table keyword, so you would say \addplot [mark=*, red, dashed] table [x=N,y=No_Sym] {data.dat}; – Jake Jan 16 '13 at 9:36

The answer should be -

\addplot [mark=*, red, dashed] table[x=N,y=No_Sym] {data.dat};

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