I use superscripted citation style by using \setcitestyle{super} in LaTeX preamble, which done the job as I wanted. However, there are several region, in which I need to temporarily disable the superscript. For example the sentence

This figure is reproduced from reference [1]

doesn't look right with [1] being superscripted.

How to achieve that? Any idea? Thanks.


The following example changes \setcitestyle locally and puts it in macro \citen. \setcitestyle of package natbib (2010/09/13 8.31b) contains a space right at the beginning of the macro definition by an uncommented end of line, the trick with \romannumeral removes this space.


    \romannumeral-`\x % remove space at the beginning of \setcitestyle

Package \textsf{accsupp}\cite{oberdiek:accsupp}.
This figure is reproduce from reference~\citen{oberdiek:zref}.


Inside moving arguments (e.g., \caption) macro \citen can be protected using \protect or by using \DeclareRobustCommand for the definition:

\newcommand*{\citen}{}% generate error, if `\citen` is already in use
    \romannumeral-`\x % remove space at the beginning of \setcitestyle
  • Cool! Thanks very much. If I got enough reputation, I'll definitely vote up this answer. Jan 17 '13 at 11:07
  • Ah, I just realized that there are errors if I try to put that inside a figure caption. The LaTEX error are "Argument of \@iforloop has an extra}.", "Paragraph ended before \@iforloop was complete." and "Extra \else.". Do you have any idea? Thanks. Jan 17 '13 at 11:51
  • 1
    @Indra Add \protect. Macro \citen is fragile because of fragile \setcitestyle. Or use \DeclareRobustCommand instead of \newcommand. Jan 17 '13 at 11:54

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