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\footnote[1]{\nameref*{8.1.16} is an अधिकार सूत्र it goes upto \nameref*{8.3.55}} \& अङ्गाधिकार (अङ्गस्य)\footnote[2]{\nameref*{6.4.1} is an अधिकार सूत्र it goes upto \nameref*{7.4.97}}

I am using footnote as shown above. However the footnote appears to be floating and when I don't have much in the page it appears in the middle of the page. I got by so far with \vspace{} but I think there must be a way to position this at the bottom of the page despite whats in the page. Thanks for your help

alt text

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I think


would cure this problem. See here.

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