I use TeXLive 2011.

I use and . In a theorem environment, I want the theorem header to be separated from the body by a line break such that the multicols-environment get's that and starts its second column at the same height as the first in the body.

This is roughly where the problem came from – in combination with a list from :

version 1 – using indentbreak version 2 – using break

However – while writing the question, I noticed it can be cut down to the following minimal code:





    \begin{indentbreaktheorem}[Talking a lot and a lot and a lot and lot and a lot and a lot and a lot.]

Which looks like this using the self-defined indentbreak environment:

version 1 – using indentbreak

The break environment yields a similar result (as above with the listings).

How can I define a theorem style such that this issue is resolved? I want to stay with , but I am also interested in solutions for .

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you don't really need anything that complicated. using the default theorem style of amsthm, all you need to do to break it to a new line is put


right after the optional text, as

\begin{theorem}[optional text]\leavevmode


  • the optional text will be lightface roman, not bold (as it is formatted with ntheorem),

  • if the optional text is very long, it won't automatically split to a second line (but that's also a problem with ntheorem).

both of these (mis)features are on the list to be reconsidered with the next overhaul of amsthm, but that hasn't been scheduled yet.

  • I have also set up an environment with ntheorem to allow a text indentation while the header is not indented. Also I want the optional text to replace the default displayed theorem name. I couldn't do this with amsthm. I thought a solution to the problem with amsthm might contribute to a solution with ntheorem. So this doesn't help me much. Many thanks anyway.
    – k.stm
    Commented Jan 25, 2013 at 12:34

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