Is it possible to (easily) draw dash-dotted curves in MetaPost, i.e. curves that alternate between a dash and a dot?

For either dashed or dotted curves, I use the draw command and end it with dashed evenly or dashed withdots, respectively.

Does MetaPost include a similar option for dash-dotted curves?


The definition of widthdots is

dashpattern(on 3 off 3)

while evenly is

dashpattern(off 2.5 on 0 off 2.5)

Thus something like

draw dashpattern(on 3 off 3 on 0 off 3) dashed evenly;
picture p;
draw fullcircle scaled 1cm xscaled 3 dashed p;

taken from figure 32 in the Metapost manual will alternate dashes and dots.

enter image description here

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