I'm switching from Winedt to TeXstudio. I have lots of Winedt macros and I would like to write new ones for TeXstudio. Now I read about available macro functions, but I still don't understand where I should store the macro file? If I add macro to that form Macros->Edit Macros, it appears in .INI file (one line like Macros\0=test). But its hard to edit such a macros.

Question, is it possible/simple to load javascript macros from files?

It would be great to have a Macros directory, where you could store all your macros.


There is no official way to import macros. All creation and editing should be done via the dialog. As a workaround for importing many macros, you could write a script, that adds the corresponding entries to the .ini.

The format is Macros\<number>=<name>, <tag>, <abbreviation>, <trigger>.

The <number> should be consecutive. Each of <name>, <tag>, <abbreviation>, <trigger> are strings (only require quotes if they contain a colon themselves).

However, we don't guarantee that the format will not change in later versions.

Note: I don't know the macros of Winedt, but macros used there won't work in TXS because TXS has its own API for the editor.

  • Winedit macros are very painful to program. But in other hand it has a good possibilities to manage (run, store,..) them. – Linas Jan 24 '13 at 17:46
  • Wouldn't be easier to create macros as a separate files. Than with macro manager assign them to some named object? Than would be good to run them on a shortcut or add it to mouse menu or to create separate window menu. Lets say, store just a full path of macro file in .INI: 1. Test_macro1 = "c:/texstudio/macros/...../testmacro.something" 2. Test_macro2 = "c:/texstudio/macros/...../testmacro2.something" 3. Test_macro3 = "c:/texstudio/macros/...../testmacro3.something" – Linas Jan 24 '13 at 18:03

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