I am going to insert an image between two subsections. When the image is big, it shifts to next page and remain an empty line between subsections. how can i remove this empty line?

and, also i put an image in a two columns format as follows:









My picture is big (in size of A4) and it goes to last page of my paper. I copied this part of code in any space of my paper, but it shift again to last of page of my paper.!!

What can I do to hold it in my favorite page?


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since a figure is a floating environment, placing it between \begin{center} ... \end{center} might have an effect you don't want, possibly including the unwanted blank line. (i haven't checked, since there isn't a minimum example to experiment with.)

also, if your document isn't in two columns, the * isn't helpful, since its purpose is to place a full-width float at the top of a two-column page. and if it is a two-column document, the [h] option on the figure isn't relevant.

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