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Temporarily increase line spacing

I tried to follow these examples here Temporarily increase line spacing but in my case it didn't change anything.

I have to use a latex template, which is provided by my university. My title looks currently like this:

enter image description here

as you can see, the third line has not enough spacing. Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

You find the entire template (already with my title in it) for downloading on my webspace: http://www.easteregg.ch/DDIS-diploma-thesis-template-en-long-title.zip

just run the "ddis-thesis-EN.tex" in the root folder and you will get probably the exact same issue.

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    Please don't link to a zip file: make a small tex file that only makes the problem text and post as a working Example (MWE). Looking at your output it looks like your input has the same error as in the question that you link to. Make sure that the scope of the size change includes a blank line or \par. – David Carlisle Jan 27 '13 at 11:41
  • it is not possible to create a MWE since the template provided by my university uses subfolders in order to create the entire output file. – Airlike Jan 27 '13 at 12:21
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    While I don't get bold and sans-serif output with the template you provided, the line spacing is correct as soon as I add a \par after "Crowdsourcing" in title.tex. – lockstep Jan 27 '13 at 14:27

User "lockstep" provided the info I needed. The tag \par had to be added within the brackets (I tried to add it outside of them).

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