in a prevois question i asked if there was a good way to display electronics symbols in TeX, i was pointed towards circuitikz (which is awsome), but is there a way to inline a symbol in text?


bla bla bla {symbols} blaa blab bla

  • What kind of symbol are you talking about? Jan 23, 2011 at 20:06

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Maybe in this case it's easier to use the circuits.ee.IEC library in TikZ instead of circuitikz:




% Define a command for drawing dipole symbols with a bit of wire on either end
\newcommand\esymbol[1]{\tikz[circuit ee IEC] \draw (0,0) -- (.1,0) node [#1,anchor=west,name=s] {} (s.east) -- +(.1,0);}

This is a diode \esymbol{diode} and this is a resistor \esymbol{resistor}


Inline circuit symbols

Edit: The following is merged from another answer I wrote:

Similar approach with circuitikz, but the spacing is quite bad:




\draw (0,0) to [#1] (1,0); \end{circuitikz}}

This is a diode \esymbol{diode} and this is a resistor \esymbol{generic}


inline circuit symbols with circuitikz

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