I'm writing a technical documentation and I want to explain step-by-step how to go through various menus.

For example I used to write Open with > VLC media player.

That's how it looks in Windows 8:

menu style in Windows 8

What I want in Latex should looks similar to this: light grey box, dark grey border and black windows-like font.

Desired result

I've seen this question, suggesting the package popupmenu - but it looks very old fashioned - are there any more modern approaches?

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How about the menukeys package?

\menu{{Open with}>{VLC media player}}


enter image description here

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    After the meme 'there's an app for that', now we, TeX enthusiasts have: 'there's a package for that'! :D
    – Count Zero
    Jan 29, 2013 at 10:28

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