I'm looking for a bst bibliography style that I could use, but I cannot find any site where I could see any list of styles ot theirs names. I would like my bibliography to be in a format:

[ALSA 1992] Alsabbagh J.R., Raghavan V.V., A framework for multiple query optimization, w: 
            Proc. of Intern. Conf. on Data Eng., 1992, s. 157 − 162.  
[BATO 1986] Batory D.S., et al, Extensible cost model and query optimization in Genezis, IEEE 
            Database Eng., vol.9, No.4, 1986, s. 30 − 37.

I found only a similar style that is called wmaainf. Does anyone know where I could find a style that I described earlier?

  • I'm using BibTeX (using \bibliographystyle{wmaainf}{\raggedright\sloppy\small\bibliography{bibliography}}) to include it). My language is Polish so this is why it says s. 30 - 37 as s stands for strona. I found wmaainf here: link
    – krajol
    Feb 4, 2013 at 15:52

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Basically, you have three options:

  1. find a style that comes closest to what you want here.
  2. Adapt the style that comes closest to your taste. Suppose we start with wmaainf. Note that this style forbids any modification. In good TeX tradition that might mean that you are allowed to copy the style to a differently named file, and modify your copy. But I can not give legal advise here. Suppose your are allowed to do that, and your copied style is called krajol.bst. Open that in an editor, and replace the english strings (those are enclosed in "...") to polish strings. E.g., the function format.pages contains the line { "p.~" pages n.dashify * }. Changing that to { "s.~" pages n.dashify * } would now give the desired s. for strona. Note that more modern styles are internaionalised, meaning that they adapt to a language set with babel, but wmaainf is not one of them.
  3. Make your own style from scratch with the help of custom-bib. You need to run

    latex makebst

    and you will be asked many many questions what your bibliography style should look like. At the end, you get your desired style file. But please read the manual before. One goody is that style files produced with custom-bib can be internationalised with a polski option, i.e., you can produce your style in Polish without having to translate anything.

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