I am not sure that this is a right fit for SE, but I will risk it.

I was recently acquainting myself with the xy-pic package, and I found the included exercises very helpful in getting up to speed with the package.

It made me think how great it would be to have a set of TikZ exercises that aided getting used to the TikZ package since the size of that package has always daunted me.

I have been collecting TikZ examples over time, but I don't think it would provide the logical development that a set of well-constructed, consistent exercises might provide.

Any pointers to resources welcome.

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    The first part of the manual is "Tutorials and Guidelines". You could treat it as an exercise by typing along the tutorials. – N.N. Feb 6 '13 at 6:23
  • For more advanced users TeXample might be nice. Another option is to look up things done in PSTricks (including this site) and recreate them in TikZ, then post the answer and wait for feedback. – Count Zero Feb 7 '13 at 11:32
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    I find the tutorials in the PGF manual much better than those especially for the \xymatrix part of the xy package. Besides the manual, TeXample and {tikz-pgf} do we need another place for TikZ examples? There was also this: Summary of Tikz commands – Qrrbrbirlbel Mar 12 '13 at 4:51
  • As it stands, I think this is too broad. TikZ is bif, but we can't hope to cover a tutorial-like approach to the entire thing in one question. Perhaps focus on one area. – Joseph Wright Aug 7 '13 at 5:57