I use @{\hskip 50pt} to separate columns in my table. The problem which arises is that I add this extra space after a multicolumn. This also moves the header row so that it is no longer centred. Is there any easy way to recenter the header name MC? I thought about just adding some extra whitespace after it to move it but maybe there is a better way of doing it. However, I don't want to use X columns or a different table environment to achieve that. It took me 5 days now to add everything to the tables and to align and stretch them properly as I want them to be. Apparently, this is only a very simple example not containing all of the other things I have in my tables but I think the problem is still clear and I am sure it only depends on the multicolumn and extra space issue:





\begin{tabu}{rr@{\hskip 50pt}rr@{\hskip 50pt}r}

\multicolumn{2}{c}{MC} & bla\\

asdasdsad & asdasdada & adasdddddddd \\
asdasdsad & asdasdada & adasdddddddd \\
asdasdsad & asdasdada & adasdddddddd \\



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    Just write c@{\hspace{50pt}} as the second argument to \multicolumn. – egreg Feb 7 '13 at 11:31

When you do \multicolumn{<number>}{<spec>}{<text>} the <spec> substitutes the whole block of the tabular column specifications and the intercolumn material belongs the the preceding column.

Exception: the material before the first column belongs to the first column.

So you have to respecify the intercolumn material if it's not the default; it would be just the same if you had rules instead of @{...}.

So you have to do


\multicolumn{2}{c@{\hspace{50pt}}}{MC} & bla\\

asdasdsad & asdasdada & adasdddddddd \\
asdasdsad & asdasdada & adasdddddddd \\
asdasdsad & asdasdada & adasdddddddd \\


and the result will be what you want.

Note that \hspace{...} is preferable to \hskip...

enter image description here

There's no way to do it automatically, as intercolumn material can be almost anything. Or, if there's a way, it's surely complicated, because it has to deal with many internals of tabular (and of tabu, as you use this one).

  • Thanks a lot for this great example. Works like a charm :) – Josh Feb 7 '13 at 13:09

This will recenter your MC header.

\multicolumn{2}{c@{\hskip 50pt}}{MC} & bla\\

If your extra space is uniform, you can define a new column type, say C, for ease of use:

\newcolumntype{C}{c@{\hskip 50pt}}
% ...
\multicolumn{2}{C}{MC} & bla\\
  • thanks for your solution even though it is the same as provided by egreg. Just means it's a good way of doing it :) thanks! – Josh Feb 7 '13 at 13:10

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