Some frames of my beamer contain not only standard \pause statements, but also graphics which are displayed on only a single step.

As a result, when rendering in handout mode, not all content fits onto the page.

So I need a way to disable handout-mode frame collapsing for certain frames.

I've tried \pause<handout:1>, but as expected it did not work.


You should replace \pause by \onslide{ ... }, which is able to understand \onslide<handout:1>

BTW: handout:1 is for displaying the content in the handout page 1, to remove the unwanted content, use handout:0

Edit: graphics included by \includegraphics can be paused by \includegraphics<+> and not shown in the handout by \includegraphics<+|handout:0>

  • Thanks. Basically the final solution was to replace every <X> by a <X|handout:X>. – mic_e Feb 7 '13 at 21:23
  • Right, but I find easier to write most of the time <+> or <+-> as renumerate all the things when I insert one item – Lionel MANSUY Feb 8 '13 at 8:35

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