I would like to do an exam with LaTeX. I want to use the srcartcl class and the exam itself is ready. But I like to have a number as a unique identifier for the students. So, for 60 students, I like to have written 01, 02, 03, ... up to 60 at a defined position in the document. The rest of course stays unchanged. Is that somehow achievable?


It would probably help to have a better idea of how you're formatting your exam. But I'll give it a go. I teach in an extremely crowded classroom. So, when I administer exams and quizzes, I use multiple versions of the quiz. This can be a pain in the neck to write. But there are ways to streamline the process.

First, I separate the preamble and LaTeX command definitions from the body of the document. So the master file I process through LaTeX is very plain looking:


I can then issue a versioning command and repeated input the quiz as follows:






The mechanics of this are a bit more complicated than you probably need for your document. This is where knowing something a bit more about how you implement your exam could be useful. But here are some basics:

Here's an example:

The preamble: filehandle preamble.tex

This is where I load all packages and where I define all counters and commands that I will use throughout the document.

%% student specific commands
%% formatting the header and footer
\rhead{Student ID: \texttt{\large\studentid}}
%% formatting for quiz questions
                          \noindent\textbf{\sffamily QP\thequizproblemcounter.}%

The quiz file: filehandle: quizbody.tex

This is the content of the document. No new commands are defined here. No new counters are defined.

\quizproblem \lipsum[1]

\quizproblem \lipsum[2]

\quizproblem \lipsum[3]

\quizproblem \lipsum[4]

\quizproblem \lipsum[5]

\quizproblem \lipsum[6]

\quizproblem \lipsum[7]

\quizproblem \lipsum[8]

\quizproblem \lipsum[9]

The master document: filehandle--your call

Here I just input the various files that I'll need and only execute actions necessary between formatting the next version of the quiz.




To reformat the student id:

  • Great! Thanks! But two additional questions: Can I somehow force a blank page if the quizbody has an odd number of pages? This would be nice to have when printing two sided. And question two: Can I force the numbers to have the format 01, 02, etc instead of 1, 2, ...? – DaPhil Feb 11 '13 at 20:46
  • 1) \cleardoublepage{} – schoettl Feb 11 '13 at 21:23
  • Your first additional question has been answer in someone else's comment. I've added an edit above to show how to get the numbering of ids as you would like. – A.Ellett Feb 11 '13 at 21:31

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