I'm currently looking for a way to produce a poster using LaTeX.

I found enough answers here on what are the possible ways to do it.

Though, there is no way to compare them and find the best option for making a poster. Plus some templates on the other topic aren't available anymore.

I have a few constrains for this :

  • I have lots of figures
  • It has to be a A0 format
  • It's gonna contain some math formulas
  • As a new user for LaTeX, I cannot handle very heavy codes yet, so if it could be an "easy" code in terms of manipulability of the blocks, of the colors, figures, etc... it would be better

I know the other topic talked about solutions like the package beamer poster with the beamer class, the baposter package and the fancytikzposter package, but what are the advantages and drawbacks of each one ?

And which solution is the best in my case ?



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