I have a bunch of LaTeX-output from Gnuplot which I would really like to leave alone. Is there an easy way of scaling an entire figure?

Something like


but just for the figure environment?

If it matters, I have


and the output is from gnuplot used "set terminal latex" and so on.


You are looking for the macros

  • \resizebox{<h-length>}{<v-length>}{<content>} and
  • \scalebox{<h-scale>}[<v-scale>]{<content>}

from the graphics/graphicx packages (→ graphics manual, 3.3 “Scaling”, p. 3).

The \scalebox macro expects ratios like those you’d use in \includegraphics, you you would be using


or, if you rather want to resize the content to a fixed width (or height),


where ! means that the content gets resized so that it keeps its aspect ratio.

There exist also a starred version of \resizebox and you can use the lengths \height, \width, \totalheight and \depth to refer to the original sizes of the content; meaning the factor .5 could be used with \resizebox, too:

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    Is it possible to do something like this from outside of the figure environment? – jacobq Oct 7 '13 at 18:55
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    \scalebox also works with .pstex_t files exported from xfig (the .pstex_t file includes --with \includegraphics-- a .pstex file). \resizebox does not work. – kavadias May 29 '16 at 1:11

If you're using subfigures that are scaled and want non-subfigure plots to match the others' layout, you can use the subfigure code as well with just one plot:

    My caption...

(In my case, using the other suggested answer left some components of the plot not matching -- maybe axis labels or legend, I forget -- thus my hacky approach.)

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I have an application case where my figure environment has nine subfigures (from subcaption) and a pretty large caption block. None of the approaches suggested above work for this - does anybody have any suggestions?

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