I want to achieve a two column acronym list with glossaries. Using the mcolalttree version of alttree allows to define the indentation with \glssetwidest{}. Unfortunately after a line break the indentation is not taking place but text starts from the beginning. I would like the text to always be aligned right of the indentation (marked line). The style long has this alignment yet it cannot be used in a multicol environment.

acronyms alignment



  \glssetwidest{DIEASSD}% widest name - works with altree style

  % stops gaps between groups


  \newacronym{b}{BEB}{an awesome acronym.}
  \newacronym{c}{CCED}{yet another extended acronym description.}
  \newacronym{d}{DIEASSD}{the story about a fork, knife and a table full of spoons.}
  \newacronym{e}{IAIAIA}{short one with with with some some text text text extends.}
  \newacronym{f}{FAF}{this is a very long description for an acronym which is totally awesome.}
  \newacronym{g}{FAF2}{this is a very elaborate description for an acronym which is beyond awesome.}
  \newacronym{h}{IA}{short one again.this is a very long description. this is a very long description.}

  Here are the acronyms: \gls{a}, \gls{b}, \gls{c}, \gls{d}, \gls{e}, \gls{f},
  \gls{h}, \gls{g}.
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