I am looking at an example from How to draw a cube with TikZ where all faces have a distinct color?



    \coordinate (O) at (0,0,0);

    \draw[fill=gray!50,fill opacity=0.5] (O) -- (Py) -- (Pyz) -- (Pz) -- cycle;
    \draw[fill=blue,fill opacity=0.5] (O) -- (Px) -- (Pxy) -- (Py) -- cycle;
    \draw[fill=yellow,fill opacity=0.5] (O) -- (Px) -- (Pxz) -- (Pz) -- cycle;
    \draw[fill=green,fill opacity=0.5] (Pz) -- (Pyz) -- (P) -- (Pxz) -- cycle;
    \draw[fill=red,fill opacity=0.5] (Px) -- (Pxy) -- (P) -- (Pxz) -- cycle;
    \draw[fill=magenta,fill opacity=0.5] (Py) -- (Pxy) -- (P) -- (Pyz) -- cycle;

I want to draw many cubes like these, I wanted to know which line changes the position of the center of the cube, and the orientation?

I want all cubes to be of same size.

what are x, y and z? are they values? are they being multiplied with P?


is there a package for TikZ where I can simply draw cubes by providing their size, color and position and orientation?

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    For this kind of question it really is just best to try to change one parameter at a time and see the effect, especially since this is a small amount of code. Start with the \tdplotsetmaincoords setting and go from there. – Peter Grill Feb 22 '13 at 7:08
  • @user494461 have Peter's suggestions helped you answer your question? – Paul Gessler Aug 19 '14 at 1:52

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