When using subfloat, the caption centers with regards to the figure width. However I want to center it with regards to the axes. How to horizontally shift the captions (manually) for all the subfloats in a figure environment, to center to axes?

(My figures are in PDF format.)

caption is not centered to axes caption centered to axes

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To shift the sub-captions to the left or right one could use the margin= option offered by the caption package. The following example document will shift the sub-captions 2cm to the right:

  \caption{Caption text}

Please note the usage of the additional option oneside which will make sure that the extra sub-caption margins will not be swapped in twoside documents.

enter image description here

(Of course this trick will work in conjunction with the subcaption package as well.)

  • Oh yes, this works perfectly. Been looking for something like this for a long time. Thank you!
    – SPK.z
    Commented Jul 15, 2016 at 13:55

If you are willing to change the format of your figure calls to \bxfigure{caption}{image}, the boxhandler package can do this for you with their \FigureDeadMargin setting and the use of a \rule. It would look something like


\FigureDeadMargin 8ex
\bxfigure{This is the caption that should be offset 8ex to the right}
{\fbox{FIGURE DATA GOES HERE}\rule{8ex}{0ex}}


Note that the caption will be page left-right centered, while the figure will be shifted to the left by the offset.

enter image description here

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