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How to change the space between the itemize "items" in LaTeX? [duplicate]

How to change the space between the itemize "items" in LaTeX so that I can continue to use the "itemize" and "item" tag without needing to redefine any new tags?
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How to reduce line space (leading) within an enumerate environment? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Vertical space in lists Enumerated items seem distant from each other by default settings in the enumerate environment. How can I change that globally (I've seen other ...
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Reduce linespread between \item globally [duplicate]

Because of a page limit for a report, I would like to decrease the linespread between individual \items. I know this is generally not a good idea, but I really need the space. How can I achieve this ...
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How to reduce space between enumerate [duplicate]

\begin{enumerate} \item item 1 \item item 2 \item item 3 \end{enumerate} How to reduce the space between item 1,2,3?
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Spacing after Enumerate [duplicate]

How can I remove the space after enumerated item and the next line in text ? I use following: \begin{enumerate} \setlength{\itemsep}{0pt} \item bi-axial etc. etc. \item uni-axial etc. ...
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Reduce spacing between items [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Vertical space in lists Please, how can I reduce spacing between items ? \begin{itemize} \item[\textbullet] first \item[\textbullet] second \item[\textbullet] third \end{...
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List of items at normal line spacing [duplicate]

It's been a while, but in TeXWorks I'm making a list of items. The long way: \textbullet\hspace*{0.2cm} Jam \textbullet\hspace*{0.2cm} Custard \textbullet\hspace*{0.2cm} Beef \textbullet\hspace*{0....
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How can I reduce the space between lines in a list? [duplicate]

I would like to personalize my list, to make it more compact. In part I managed, in fact I was able to reduce the space between the item but the problem I have now is that when in the same item the ...
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Change space between the item in LaTeX? [duplicate]

I am writing a report in Latex, so I am writing the evidence found, each evidence is written in items, how to modify the white space when there is a line break? I have tried: \begin{itemize} ...
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Set itemize default settings in preamble [duplicate]

If I want itemize always in this format \begin{itemize} \setlength{\parskip}{3pt} \setlength{\itemsep}{0pt plus 1pt} \item ... \end{itemize} How could I do? ...
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How do I override the \item spacing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Vertical space in lists I have the following list being generated for me: \begin{itemize} \item Introduction (this chapter) \item Yum and RPM in datacenter/cloud ...
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\topsep, \itemsep, \partopsep, \parsep - what do they each mean (and what about the bottom)?

The enumitem package documentation says: \topsep, \itemsep, \partopsep, \parsep? Ok, it doesn't quite say that, but it also doesn't illustrate what these dimensions mean. Can I get a diagram with ...
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Math book: how to write Exercise and Answers

EDIT within \documentclass[12pt]{book}I want to create chapter-wise exercises and put all the solutions (with or without hints) at the end of the book. I want to do this in simple and non-tedious way ...
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How to remove space before enumerate?

How can i remove space before enumerate? % before \begin{document} \usepackage{enumerate} This is first line and i need to remove space between this line and item list below it. % after \begin{...
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How to add more space between list items?

I have a list. Editor says it shall have more space between items. How to achieve such thing?
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