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How to embed a biber produced bbl file into the tex source [duplicate]

A very nice feature of (classic) bibtex is that once the bbl file has been produced, you can neatly insert it into the .tex file (this comes handy, e.g., for publishing papers, were sending .bib files ...
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bibtex to bibitem not giving the desired results [duplicate]

I'm using Jabref to manage my bibliography while writing my tech. paper in WinEdt . Jabref creates a .bib file where items look like this: @Conference{Hegyi2006_KF, Title = {A ...
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BibLaTeX -> LaTeX source code [duplicate]

When I run bibtex, I can extract the LaTeX code from the bbl file. Then, I can combine that directly into my LaTeX file so that the copyeditors, for instance, don't need to know anything about how I ...
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biblatex generated bibliography in thebibliography environment [duplicate]

Some journals ask to put the references in thebibliography environment. It is easy to do this using bibtex. One just finds the bbl file and paste everything in there, to the main text. However, I ...
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What packages do people load by default in LaTeX?

I'm getting the impression from reading the answers written by some of the real experts here that there are quite a few little packages that just tweak LaTeX2e's default behaviour a little to make it ...
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bibtex vs. biber and biblatex vs. natbib

I've heard of many different bibliography-related packages/platforms/?. What's the difference between the following, which is good for what tasks, advantages/disadvantages, which one is the most ...
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How to APA 6th in LaTeX?

I have previously been writing psychology manuscripts according to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA, version 5) using the excellent apa class, with apacite managing my ...
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Biblatex still won't print bibliography

I have read all the related questions and taken all the suggested steps (well, the ones that had anything to do with my situation since for example I am not using XeLaTeX). As far as I can see, this ...
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Biblatex: submitting to the arXiv

I am trying to submit a LaTeX file to the arXiv which uses biblatex. However, it fails whatever I do. I first get the message biblatex.sty is not found I have tried including (all from TeXLive ...
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biblatex biber to \bibitem

I am a LaTeX really entusiastic newbie. Thus I am writing all my reports and articles using this wonderful tool. Unfortunately the editors of scientific review do not all have the same entusiasm ...
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Is biblatex compatible with RevTeX?

biblatex seems to be not compatible with RevTeX. As RevTeX automatically loads natbib, I load biblatex with the option natbib=true, but still LaTeX compiler complains that lot of commands are already ...
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Bibtex: unsrt and crossref

I'm writing a paper for which the bibliographic style is unsrt (imposed by the editor). I use texlive 2010 and latexmk for compilation. I try to use crossref for inproceedings entries in my bib file. ...
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Biblatex and arxiv, error

Edit: Upgrade of Mac TeX solved the following problem: Package biblatex Warning: File 'testbib.bbl' is wrong format version - expected 2.8. But now I instead get: ! Package xkeyval Error: `...
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Is it possible to load biblatex with a class that has already loaded natbib?

A while ago I asked a meta question on how big a question can be. I was wondering in particular about breaking open REVTeX and reorganising the goo within to replace the natbib bits with bits that ...
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Bibliography: natbib, apa-style and apacite

At the beginning I used \usepackage{natbib} \bibliographystyle{apa} and I really like the author-year notation. The result looks fine, but it's English and this time my seminar thesis is written in ...
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